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Choose The Perfect Baptism Dress

One of the most important questions that you hear parents asking are what should my baby wear for his baptism? And they are not very sure whether they want him or her to wear a dress. Most people have these discussions that have boys. Since for girls there are so many options to choose from it can get very confusing if you have a boy. Traditionally for a baptism ceremony boys wear a white gown dress with a matching bonnet along with white booties to match the outfit. But this is no longer an option most young parents want to consider. They feel it has gone out of vogue.

Here at we have a wide range of baptism dresses to choose from. All our dresses for your baby are handmade ensuring that there is no compromise on the comfort for your child. Only the best material is used to hand stitch the gowns and the dresses. And here at you have plenty of options for clothes for boys for their baptism ceremony as well.

Traditional baptism dresses for boys

If you are planning to go the traditional way for your son then you would want him to wear a classic white colored gown or perhaps a romper or a suit that is white in color. White is worn for this ceremony because it is considered to be very pure and tranquil. This also depends on how old your child is. If your baby is less than 18 months then you could choose a romper and if he’s above a year then you could go in for a classic white suit.

Style of the gown

Well there are numerous options and let me warn you that you will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a romper. However keep in mind the type of fabric that you choose. This decides how formal the gown would look silk and satin are some of the popular choices. You also have the option to choose the length of the sleeves as well. Depending on the weather. You would want your baby to be at ease and not uncomfortable. Rompers have so many styles to choose from they can be theme based like a sailor or a classic tuxedo. So with such a wide assortment to select from you will surely find something that suits your tastes without a doubt.

If you are confused between a gown and a romper for your son then there is a solution for this situation as well. You could purchase a gown that can be converted into a romper. Now isn’t that amazing. For the traditional ceremony your baby can wear the gown and after it you could always detach the gown and let it become a romper which can be worn for the after party as well.

Make sure that your baby is wearing matching shoes and socks as well. This will ensure that he looks his very best on his special day.

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