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Understanding Straight Stair Lifts

First stair lift prices?  It’s certainly true that stair lifts cost money, however perhaps not as much money as you might think. There are couple of ways to reduce the price you pay for your straight stair lift, such as buying used or reconditioned stair lift models.If you are elderly or have mobility issues you might greatly benefit from installing a straight stair lift. There are lots of reasons why: to regain your independence, make your home safer or simply to improve the quality of your life. There may be a couple of reasons why you’re a little hesitant about mobility stair lifts, for instance perhaps you’re worried about stair lift prices or you have unanswered questions.

You might have other questions too:

You might worry about the damage a stair lift installation might do to your home, specifically to the walls. Actually, stair lifts are usually fitted to the steps or treads on the staircase and run on a rail, thereby sparing your walls any damage.

What if there’s a power cut? Stair lifts run on two 24v batteries which are charged by the mains electricity.  So the stair lift will still be operational, regardless of whether there is mains power or not.

Will a stair lift be able to bear your weight? Most stair lifts will be able to bear a maximum weight of around 19 stone.  For example the Brooks Lincoln Straight Stair lift.  There are other makes of stair lifts such as the MediTek HD (Heavy Duty) which is able to bear weight up to a maximum of 25 stone, also known as the D160 Deluxe Stair lift.

If you’re up stairs and the stair lift is down stairs what then? This is easy; you can recall the stair lift using a remote control.

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