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A Spit Roast to Celebrate With Family and Friends

A special occasion deserves special catering. If you are inviting family and friends, you ought to know about their tastes – and obviously take them into consideration when you choose the menu. Over the last few decades, tastes have broadened, with cuisine from every part of the world becoming common throughout the UK. In the summer months, BBQs have become more popular, but they often just include everyday meats. That is not really something for a really special occasion.

Get together

Everyone seems to lead such busy lives these days that it is rare when the whole family of, say, three generations can actually get together. There are, of course, certain occasions when everyone will certainly make an effort to get there – something like a Golden Wedding Anniversary or another significant milestone like a 50th birthday or, perhaps, a retirement party.

With all the family and close friends around, you need to plan the day to perfection. Outside catering is always the best solution when there are huge numbers involved. The main decision you need to make is the menu. One thing that you may not have thought of before is a hog roast. Perhaps you have sampled this delicious meat before but have never had enough people around to justify something so grand.

Go for experience

You need to look for a company with experience and one whose website suggests great service and reliability. Ideally, you want someone who will come with all the equipment and staff ready to set up and get on with the job with little fuss. There is certainly a challenge in cooking a hog this way, because you need to ensure it is thoroughly cooked with a crispy skin for crackling but juicy meat inside.

A hog weighing 80 or 90 pounds will produce about half that weight when cooked and deboned. That amount of meat will easily satisfy around 50 people. You should be able to make special requests about flavours and side dishes. Apple sauce is probably the most popular accompaniment to hog. A hog of that size is likely to take at least 6 hours to cook, but you can forget about what is going on whilst you are enjoying the company of so many loved ones.

No worries

When you have found a company you are happy with, you will need to pay a deposit and settle the bill in full before the day itself. There should never be any hidden costs, and good caterers will all have liability insurance in case anything goes wrong.

On the day itself, the caterers will set up, cook, serve, and tidy up. The venue may be the back garden, but it is also possible to use an inside venue as well. Rain is no real problem, though, of course, everyone probably will hope that a summer booking will be held in fine weather.

If you get in touch with Hogroast Cornwall, you will be able to find out where your nearest chef resides. You will receive a quotation based on your requirements, with the numbers involved being the biggest aspect of the price. After that, you can look forward to a day worth remembering.

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