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Glue-In, Weave, Or Clip In Hair Extensions – What’s Best For You?

Often when us girls have short hair we start too long to have long hair again, but hair can take a while to grow. This is where we are able to look at hair extensions so that our hair can quickly and easily go from short too long.

There are various kinds of extensions those being glue in, weaved or clip in hair extensions. The one that is best for you will depend on your budget, how much maintenance you want to handle and also if you want to have the ease of being too able to take them out when you need to. You are able to get hair extensions online .

There are a few things that you will need to consider when you are purchasing hair extensions. The first things you need to consider are the options that are available.


This is where the hair extensions are sewn into your hair. It can be quite painful at times as the hair is often pulled tight for the extensions to be weaved in. the one problem with having extensions weaved in is that they are not usually suitable for those that have thin hair or very short hair, because they can become loose quickly.

Glue In

Glue in hair extensions work well because they are glued to the scalp. These extensions are usually not reusable and are often used if you just fancy long hair for a night out. They can also be a pain to get out because of the glue, but they look good whilst they in.

Clip In

The easiest of all the hair extensions are the clip in ones and are very easy to use and add. The clip is usually under the hair extension so it is hidden.  You will need to be careful though that the clip isn’t raised as this can look unnatural. However these can also be taken out with ease so your look can become versatile. Clip ins are also sold from the high street , so they are easy to get and also you can put them in yourself easily.

Micro Loops

The last option is the micro loop and is usually not as well-known as the others. A plastic loop is used to pull the hair through the ring which then is pulled to the top of the scalp and then fixed into place with pliers. These are reusable and easy to take out. They can also be hidden by the rest of your hair.

When you choose the type of extension that you want then you need to think about how discreet they are and if the joins can be hidden by your real hair, also the amount of tension that you are prepared to put your hair through and how easy the extensions are to blend with the rest of your hair.

Author Bio: Sophie Bishop goes to for her hair extensions because they are easy to put into her hair and gives her hair a full and long look.

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