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Sell Old Samsung S7 Like A Pro And Get Paid Instantly

The launch of the versatile Samsung S7 had created a stir in the mobile market in 2016 but as it goes with Samsung, the newer models are being introduced in regular interval. Although the S7 bears the crown of being as “unputdownable” as it was after its launch, there comes a time when you have to make way for new ones and cut loose the strings. Now, with the fabulous new models in the market, there might be a thought looming in your mind – “I want to sell my Samsung S7 for cash”. It is time that you give shape to this thought and that too like a pro. It will not only pave way for your new mobile by contributing a significant amount earned from selling the old one but also let others enjoy the features of your S7.

Things to consider while selling

Expect reasonable price

The key to successful selling is to make a reasonable quote which will prove to be beneficial to both you and the buyers when they consider buying it –Thankfully the selling site will make a proper evaluation in reducing this hassle. You can look for the tentative price that you can be paid for the model. A price which is almost the same as the MRP will not lure the buyers to buy an old Samsung S7 for cash as they would rather go for a new one instead.

Evaluate your phone condition

Yes, when it comes to selling your phone, you should be aware of how the condition of your phone plays a great deal in fetching the proper amount. It is obvious that a phone with a broken part or tampered screen will not fetch as much money as the active one would. But there is nothing to worry as many buyers out there accept “broken” phone too i.e. the one having an improper display.

Be abreast of the features

How to sell my Samsung S7 for cash? –this question often seems to keep you intrigued as you are selling the old phone. While selling your S7, it should be obvious for you to know about its RAM and the external memory that can be expanded. The buyers would also like to know about the processor as this model comes with both quad-core and octa-core. Other secondary features like battery backup, screen size and camera resolution should also be known to you as you plan to separate from the phone and sell it to other.

Be professional in selling

There are thousands of sellers about the same model and if you are not professionally handling the selling procedure, you might lose some golden opportunity to get the best price. The idea is to first run through a thorough evaluation of the mobile and check how much price it can fetch up. You will also get the advantage of packing the phone by yourself as you will be either sent the packaging label or you have the liberty to print by yourself.

When all is done, it is your job to wait patiently for the response and be professional when you start getting offers. Make no mistake in providing all the necessary details and quote the right price –the rest is sorted as you will be paid as soon as the phone reaches to the buyer!

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