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Important Information About Buying Leather Goods

The leather industry across the globe is worth several billion dollars. Leather is a material that’s made by tanning the skin of certain animals. It is produced on several scales, ranging from cottage industries to full-scale leather tanneries. The prices of leather goods tend to vary depending upon numerous factors. That is why you can find simple handbags which are worth just a few hundred dollars, while the prices of others can go up in the thousands. The leather goods industry has also come under fire from animal rights activists and other organisations, which claim that natural leather should no longer be used.

The leather goods industry contributes significantly to the economy of different countries. For instance, Italian leather is world-renowned for its superb craftsmanship, design and quality. Many of the companies in Italy, such as Avalina Leather, also export their leather goods to different parts of the globe. Before you go out to buy leather goods, it’s important to understand a few things. Almost every prudent buyer wants maximum value for their money and only wishes to buy the best quality leather. The market is flooded with synthetic and cheap materials, so it’s best to have a bit of knowledge before making a purchase.

Types of Leather

Leather is available in many different types. The tanning processes used for manufacturing leather have a huge impact on the way it looks. For instance, chrome-tanned leather was developed in 1858, and makes use of chromium salts (primarily chromium sulphate) during the tanning process. This type of leather has a pretty supple texture and doesn’t lose its colour as quickly as vegetable-tanned leather.

Aldehyde leather is made with the help of glutaraldehyde and oxazolidine compounds. It’s commonly known as wet-white leather due to its pale colour and soft appearance. There are plenty of other types of leather available in the market, such as brain-tanned leather, chamois leather, rose-tanned leather, alum-tanned leather and rawhide. Before you buy any type of leather goods, it’s best to read about the texture and appearance of different kinds of leather.

Cow leather is perhaps the most common type of leather. It is made from the skin of cows, which is treated and tanned before being used. Cow leather is durable and generally looks quite good. On the other hand, snake-skin and crocodile leather is considerably more expensive, and is only sold by a handful of companies across the globe. These companies must have special permits for using crocodile or snakeskin.


The prices of leather goods vary based on several factors. Some companies might charge more to enhance brand value. It’s important to note that synthetic leather is quite affordable, though it doesn’t last very long. It’s not as durable as authentic leather, and often bends out of shape after a few months of use. Leather is widely used in the clothing and baggage industry. You can easily order leather goods online from several different companies nowadays.

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