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Cleaning An Electronic Cigarette –

Electric cigarette is an alternative to smoking tobacco, and is not necessarily an aid to stop smoking. They serve as a healthier and safer alternative to the usual tobacco cigarettes, as they contain less chemicals and carcinogens and have none of the risks of secondhand smoke. Most of the electronic cigarettes are reusable. And hence it becomes very important for one to clean the cigs from time to time. Here is an easy method to help you clean your e-cigarette.

A lint-free cloth is used to clean the area that connects the battery to the atomizer. Water or cleaning fluids of any kind should not be used. You must be sure that there are no particles from the cloth left behind, as they may be accidentally introduced to the heating-coil housing.

Any liquid buildup that may have seeped from the cartridge to the atomizer is drained out. There are three ways of do this. First, the mouthpiece is removed, leaving the battery attached. Air is gently blown into the battery at the LED end to activate the battery. This basically, causes any liquid to be vaporized, because it results in heating of the atomizer.

Excess liquid, if any, is drained, by first removing the battery and mouthpiece. Then air is blown into the hole where the battery connects to the atomizer. The atomizer is tapped very lightly onto a cloth after every third breath. Keep doing this until you do not hear any gurgling sounds. Then the atomizer is made to stand on a clean cloth to drain any additional liquid.

The liquid is drained overnight by disassembling the unit. The atomizer is placed on a clean cloth and is left there to drain. You should make sure that the battery connection side is facing up.

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