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Understanding Stair Lift Costs

For many elderly people the value that stairlifts can add to the home renders the financial cost of the investment rather non-important. However, there’s no denying that owning a stair lift for many elderly people is an expensive outlay, but did you know that stairlift prices might not be quite what you expect?

Firstly, there are many different kinds of stair lifts for the elderly out there. Some of these will be more expensive than others. For example, brand new models from the leading brands may be more expensive as will be stair lifts that are heavy duty. Obviously, older models will be available at more reasonable prices, whilst still being very functional.

On a similar note, you can get stair lifts that have been reconditioned. This means that they have been used in the past but have been repaired etc so that they are very functional. The cost of these units can be much lower than the cost of brand new models but can be just as functional.

Because the market for stair lifts is quite strong this does mean that you might be able to resell your stair lift after use. Just like anything, a stair lift will depreciate in value over time and so you should think about how long you plan on owning a stair lift before possibly moving house or upgrading to a newer model.

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