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Simple but effective running tips

Running can be a great way to keep fit and so it’s not surprising that many people are reaching for their Mizuno trainers and hitting the streets or the track.
Those who are just starting out or who are coming back to running after a break might benefit from bearing a few simple principles in mind. For example, before taking their first stride, it’s important that they have the right gear.

As well as good quality shoes that fit them perfectly, it’s a good idea for individuals to invest in running socks. These can help to reduce the risk of blisters developing. Meanwhile, as people progress and improve, they might find they want to purchase performance footwear to increase their speed and general performance.

Also, comfy clothes that suit the weather conditions are a must. Being too hot or cold while running can seriously impact on people’s enjoyment and ability. Breathable materials like cotton are fine, but for more serious runners, specialist clothing is preferable.

Women can also benefit from using sports bras. These products are sturdier than regular versions and they offer additional support.

Warm-ups are also key. By doing some exercises before runs, people can minimise their risk of injuries. In addition, by warming down at the end of their sessions, runners can help their bodies recover more quickly.

Meanwhile, although people need enough energy to get them around the course, eating too much before a run is a mistake. People need their blood to be in their muscles as opposed to their digestive systems.

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