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How Picture Lights Can Make Your Artwork More Shiny

Visualization:Passage of light after Thomas Edison invented has just leaped with unprecedented speed.From time immemorial an artist’s visualization differed on many aspects. Reasons for the difference could be wide in terms of concept, characterization, presentation and many more. The only aspect where everyone thought alike was viewership or say the audience. The critic or the final translation of your production is the person where what you conceive is not important but what they visualize is more important. How they decipher your thinking is of paramount importance and as such how they see your presentation is that what matters.


History of cinema dates back to now over Hundred thirty years. Way back in 1880 motion picture started gathering momentum and it is till date the best entertainment human race has ever been able to generate. Technological enhancement goes unabated, thrive to excel is a pursuit and pursuance. Many discussions over the midnight lamp has gone down in giving this entertainment a better presentation and increased viewership globally. The influence and energy behind this cyclic change, shifting from tungsten flash lights to mercury generated lamps to incandescent carbon arc lights made history change scripts very often. Picture is but first satisfaction to the eyes and then mind. If it percolates in a symphony to eye and mind then the viewer is satisfied. The journey from traditional picture lights to modern illumination in pictures is a journey accomplished.

The Journey

History states that a reciprocal relationship has always been the bridge between film technology and film style. Improvement in all aspects of lighting in terms of equipment technical manpower, technology transfer has really played a great path in the production of today. Range of lighting methods and effects shown by the cinematographer, are today at times hard to believe as to how fast this transformation has accelerated. The involvement was so conceptualized that to explore certain aspects of the film, special lights were developed on the spot to either explore or conceal certain facts which if not, would have either not shown what was needed to be shown or thrown open a fact which needed to be hidden. This composite history of film lighting is a complex account of decathlete factors which has not only influenced and involved great diversified innovations over a period of time but has seen that it enhances relatively the gradual development and refinement of existing technology over a period of time.

Current Position

As time has moved, technology has also moved, it’s now to be seen how your creativity is portrayed in the best possible manner to the viewer. Effect of proper light in this sphere plays an inevitable role leading to your result or destiny. This journey of pain endurance thought and perseverance gets its best result only when you give it its right mixture both in terms of light and color.


An amalgamation of all these thought process has really been enhanced by the role played by the technological advancement in the sphere of picture lighting. This has not only seen the picture rise to new heights but also created a plethora of richness to give to its user and viewer, a picture of visual  satisfaction.

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