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Decamp To Garden Offices

The way people work in the twenty first century is changing. Thanks to portable technology and broadband Internet connections people can work anywhere. On trains and planes, in coffee shops or at home. In fact in some jobs there’s very little need to even go into the office. And when desk space is at a premium it makes sense for people to work from home.

It’s not without its drawbacks though. Not everyone finds home working the mythical nirvana they hoped it would be. Even with a dedicated home office people are prone to interruptions and it can be hard to concentrate, which is why people are taking their home work space onto a whole level. They are decamping from the house and setting up garden offices instead.

It’s nice to have that degree of separation. A quiet place where people can go and concentrate, where they won’t get disturbed. It’s the perfect solution for anyone suffering from productivity issues. Their own little office at the bottom of the garden.

This is a concept that goes beyond home working though. It’s great for people with hobbies too. Just imagine garden studios. A place of retreat where people can paint, draw or just get away from it all for a few hours. These buildings are Eco-friendly and don’t require any planning permission. It’s the affordable and easier way to create some extra space. When it all gets too much at home, just decamp to the bottom of the garden. It’s the perfect place to concentrate.

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