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Biscuits are  small, typically round cake of bread leavened with baking powder, baking soda, or sometimes yeast.Biscuits are popular not only with adults but children too.The most liked biscuits are the ones with chocolate cream in them or the ones made out of chocolate.Chocolate biscuits are good for health because chocolate is to be considered of having a chemical which prevents cancer and heart diseases.Where as we should always take a chocolate biscuit with a cup of tea to remain healthy.

Chocolate was found 2000 years ago in the Central American rain forests.It is grown on a tree named as “The Cacao Tree” or “Food of God”.We can find chocolate lover mostly in U.S or U.K.These are the countries who also spend a million just over high calories and high sugar products every year.There are many kinds of chocolates like dark,milk and white chocolate.

Chocolate is good for health with adults and kids but too too much of chocolate can lead health problems in humans.It is also said that “A Dark keeps the doctor away”.Having more of chocolate can lead to having brittle bones and fattiness in kids and they can have weight and height problems. So eat chocolates and chocolate biscuits or anything made out of chocolate but in a limited way to protect yourselves and your children from diseases which can harm humans badly.

“Chocolate flows in deep dark, sweet waves, a river to ignite my mind and alert my senses”

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