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Healthy Food: A Good Way Of Healthy Living

It is very important for every human being, irrespective of gender and age to consume good food and to avoid the junk ones. The human body is known to use good healthy food for creating the energy that is required by the person to work, enjoy life and to move around. It is necessary for the person to consume meats, fish, vegetables and fruits regularly to provide adequate nutrients that are required by the body. The body intakes the food that the person consumes and later breaks it down so use the stored energy present in it. The energy amount which a food provides is said to be measured in calorie numbers, which it contains. With more calories, one can have more energy.

Healthy nutrients

Besides this, specific calorie amount is required by the body every day and there is also a strong need for balanced variety of about six nutrient types for it to function well. Such nutrients efficiently provide the required materials and energy for helping to repair the body, especially after a tiring exercise session. One might have heard about essential nutrients, but do not know much about it. ‘Essential nutrients’ are those which the body is not able to generate on its own and has to be derived from good food.


The body constitutes 80% of water and it is required every day. Water from the body is lost through sweat and breathe and also while sleeping at night. Hence, it becomes essential to drink at least two 8 oz. glasses after waking up. hydrating the body is necessary from time to time.


These are commonly termed as Carbs and along with fats tend to produce energy in the body. If the individual feels listless, irritable or tired, it could be that he is not getting sufficient carbohydrates. Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be part of the daily diet plan. Sugary drinks, candies are best avoided.


Most people tend to shun fats, when they start to diet or plan to lose weight. The body requires fat in certain amount for functioning properly and to maintain good skin, hair and nails. Instead of cutting on the fat present in the diet, it would be wise to avoid consuming bad sources of fat.


It is an essential nutrient which most people are deprived of. The body uses protein as a source of energy. It provides the body with the much required materials for the purpose of healing and repairing, more specially after grueling workout. Good protein sources need to be consumed if the individual plans to have a well developed body.

How to have a healthy body and mind?

A better way to make sure that the right nutrient is consumed regularly in ample quantities would be to consult a qualified and experienced nutritionist, who would check the individual and his present health and diagnose the nutrients accordingly. Intake of good food and a proper lifestyle can help the person to remain young, fit and strong.

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