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Oktoberfest Dirndls – Buy Online Or Buy In Munich?

If you’ve made the decision to head to Oktoberfest this year and have at the same time sworn an oath not to embarrass your group with joke-shop lederhosen the locals will not take kindly to…good for you! The only downside of the decision you’ve made however is the fact that buying a quality dirndl that won’t see you either as a laughing stock or rather on the offensive side isn’t quite as cheap as heading down to your local fancy-dress store.

So, assuming that those reading this article do not in fact live in Munich or have easy access to Bavaria, there are really only two choices on the cards when it comes to buying a dirndl. You can either wait until you get to Munich and pick on up in person, or you can order online.

In which case, which of the two makes more sense in the eyes of the international traveller?

Buy in Munich

Well, if you decide to buy a dirndl in Munich prior to getting the party started, you’ll find yourself privy to a few rather appealing benefits. First and foremost there’s the fact that you’ll actually be able to try the thing on without first having to part with your cash – something that cannot be done when buying online. You’ll be able to browse what’s on offer to your heart’s content and find that perfect look at that perfect fit, the appeal of which is pretty clear to say the least.

In addition, you’ll know that assuming you’ve chosen a quality store, the dirndl you buy is 100% authentic and not some cheap made-in-China knockoff. This is pretty important if you’re planning to pay for a good quality dirndl – the last thing you want is to be ripped off with shoddy merchandise. What’s more, there’s also the convenience of just walking into a store and buying the dirndl you need.

On the downside however, as is the case with all such things at Oktoberfest and in tourist hubs in general – a quality dirndl at the time of the event could be very, VERY expensive. It’s no secret that prices go through the roof around Oktoberfest and dirndls are no exception to the rule. What’s more, demand also skyrockets which means that the most popular dirndl designs and sizes tend to be sold out for the duration of the whole event. As such, to travel comprehensively dirndl-free to Munich means running the risk of not getting one at all.

Buy Online

In terms of buying online, the most immediate benefit of all is of course that of convenience. These days, taking home a quality dirndl is as easy as hitting up a store like and placing an order in a matter of seconds. No need to go out looking – it’s all there in front of you and delivered to your door.

Along with the convenience of buying online, it’s also safe to say that it’s nigh-on impossible to find a quality dirndl for the same low price as you’d find it online in a standard retail store. Online stores are by their very nature cheaper, but when it comes to these kinds of specialist goods and imports, you could save a small fortune by ordering from the web. What’s more, chances are there will be a pretty huge range to choose from as online retailers tend to carry much larger collections than standard physical stores.

Now, some would argue that buying online comes with the risk of poor-quality items or an imperfect fit, but in realty both of these sticking points comes down to the approach of the buyer. As mentioned earlier, there are certain professional specialist retailers that quite simply live and breathe quality dirndl retail and would not be caught dead selling anything of inferior quality. And in terms of the fitting concern, it’s easy enough to look up a comprehensive dirndl fitting guide online 100% free of charge that will tell you all you need to know about which size to get in accordance with your own size and shape.

The Takeaway

Technically speaking, if you’ve got all the money in the world to spare and don’t mind running the risk of going without, there’s nothing wrong with taking your chances and indeed your wallet to Munich. However, if you’d prefer to save as much time, money and hassle as possible in the run-up to the event, you could do yourself a pretty big favour by opting for an online dirndl purchase from a retailer with a reputation for pure excellence.

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