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KFC Hours & Starbucks Hours


KFCwas started with the long secret recipe of Colonel Sanders. As the name indicates, it was first started in Kentucky. Today, there are many stores around the world, even with catering and buffet services. Colonel started his business during the great depression, and when he found the demand, he started developing his business. He then started his first outlet in Utah. When the business grew well, he sold it to a group of investors. The original recipe consists of 11 herbs and spices. He did not patent it because if he did so, it would eventually expire and the secret would spread. Thus, the recipe is kept, a secret, till date. The recipe is created by two different companies and is combined so that no one will know the full recipe.

KFC hours depend upon KFC locations. In most of the locations, the store opens around 10 AM and close by 9 PM. There are stores which have totally different working hours too. There are many stores around the world which work 24 hours. The hours,mainly depend upon where you live. KFC hours also depend upon the season, but that would change the hours by an hour or less, only. With the help of the ‘KFC near me’ option on the official site, you can find the Kentucky fried chicken locations and the hours of the stores near you. Just like KFC hours, KFC menu prices also change with the location. There are locations where the menu itemschange from the rest of the world. KFC tries to customize it for the taste, trend and the behavior of the people around the store’s location and thus, most of the characteristics of the store changes from one country to another. Most of the stores are open even on holidays and on Sundays. The working hours might vary during the holidays in some locations.


The Starbucks Coffee Company is a leading retailer of specialty coffee around the world. It has various kinds of coffee and other items on its menu. The Starbucks hours depend upon a lot of factors including the season, day of the week, its location and the holidays. The shops inside a campus would have changing time during the semester and the holidays than the ones outside the campus of an educational institution. A lot of things changes based on its location,  including its menu, offers, cost and others. There are more than 20,000 stores located around the world. It took a Houston man, $1,000,000 and 14 years trying to visit all the Starbucks locations. He has spent almost $100,000 on the Starbucks coffee and earned the money for the coffee and travelling around the world in his Honda Fit, working as a freelancer, while he earns money to achieve his dream of visiting all the stores.

The Starbucks hours of operation are almost till 12 pm, when it is near a campus. The Starbucks hours totally depend upon how many late night coffee drinkers are present in that location. The Starbucks opening hours also depend upon the location and the behavior of the local people. There are a few 24 hours café, sprawling, all over the world. The ‘Starbucks happy hours’ is a promotional deal, which gives almost 50% off on a certain type of coffee, every day for 2 hours, in almost all the locations. This deal would go on for a certain period of time. This is a promotional deal which most of the customers tend to make use of and the company gets a heightened sale during that particular time period. As of now, there are no current happy hour promotions going on in any location. The time and the dates of the happy hours deal also varies with the geographical areas. In a country, the timings and dates would be the same.

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