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Golf for Beginners

Golf is one of those few sports which one can start at any time of their life. Unlike sports such as football where your best days are behind you before you even leave adolescence, golf can be conquered at any time, and with simple time and dedication one can reach a good standard surprisingly quickly.

It is also a game where both sexes can compete fairly evenly. Some men may be able to drive the ball a little further than some women, but on the whole most individuals will be on a…okay, I’ll say it…will be on a par with one another.

It is also a sport that will keep one fit and toned, no matter what their age and is a very sociable sport at the same time.

However, for those beginning, it is important to get the right mens or ladies golf jacket, trainers and trousers right from the off and to ensure that you have good quality clubs. Whilst you might not want to spend a fortune until you know that the sport is for you, without half decent clothing and equipment, you will not be able to get the most out of the game and it will therefore be harder to judge whether the sport is right for you.

Clubs are easy to rent, and therefore it will be best to hire than buy when you are first trying out the game, allowing you to spend more when you do decide to commit. However, the likes of ladies golf jackets will need to be bought from the off as the right clothes will help you play better, feel more comfortable and will even simply help you look the part on the green.

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