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Stay Warm, Dry And Fashionable This Winter

The nights are drawing in and the days are cold. And it is suddenly time to get an entirely new wardrobe in play! Whereas summer is all about clothing minimisation and high fashion, winter often needs a more planned approach. For anyone planning to spend time outdoors, clothing rapidly needs to become more functional, as well as maintaining a stylish edge.

Picking the right winter coat

The right coat is absolutely essential. You will find a great range of style inspiration here but at the same time you might prefer to elect for a coat with a highly functional spec and design, especially if you tend to do a lot of walking and sport in the elements.

Things to look for

In that case, look for a coat with waterproofing, or at least, water resistance. This will often be achieved with a special coat lining application, which may need to be preserved with specialist washing, such as a wax wash, used for winter sports coats. Check the requirements before you invest. Look for a high quality filling, such as down, which is light and extremely warm. Check the warmth rating and toggle on the coat’s label.

Other great features include deep pockets for putting keys, phone and other items in, flexible zips for protection against changing weather elements and a deep hood which can be pulled down over your face and ideally secured against the wind. You may also want to look for a sleek style that doesn’t provide too much bulk, and pick a bright colour or pattern to provide a cheery antidote to dark days.

Brands such as Superdry are great for combining these diverse elements into an affordable, highly functional, stylish and well priced package, and there are a large range of different coat options, from gilets and bombers, to blazers, hip length, and knee length options. This blog has more information.

Other essential winter wardrobe items

Look for gloves, scarves and hats for different situations. These are a great way to accessorise and keep warm without breaking the bank. Try a glamorous beret, trilby or fedora for night-time wear, combined with high quality leather gloves in a colour pop. Scarves can be long or skinny, or try the high fashion snood for flexible wear.

Look for real wool which provides great warmth while allowing your skin to breathe. For day wear, look for warm and lined thermal gloves for walking or cycling outdoors in, and a woolly hat which can be folded up and kept in a pocket if needs be.

Shoes and boots are also essential at this time of year and you may wish to invest in fashionable pairs which also have a strong grip sole and waterproofing. Leather is always a great choice for the upper part of the shoe as it can be protected against water damage and lasts well when cared for.

Also try investing in good quality jumpers, whether cable, fisherman’s, box, retro or even Christmas jumper. They are great with a shirt underneath or with different trouser or jean options to create varied looks.

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