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Choosing a Dinning Set for Your Bridal Register

Choosing a dinning set to go on your register of wedding gifts may not be a life changing decision, but it is something that deserves some careful thought. The most important thing is that you choose it together as a couple and that it reflects your mutual tastes and personalities. Practicality is obviously is important, but so is choosing something you both love and can’t wait to use together for the first time as husband and wife.

When choosing a style, try not to be pressurised into a choice by those who insisting you will need that will last and stay in style for thirty years; this is indeed something to consider, but so is finding something that excites you and that will always feel special when you use it. Thirty years is a long time, during which you may find yourselves living in a different home with different decor and at a very different stage in your lives, and so, within a few years, any dinner set has the potential to no longer be appropriate anyway. Think about what you like as well as the style of where you live now. If bold prints and bright colours represent your personalities and décor, opt for these, but if you prefer neutrals and simplicity, extend this preference to your choice of tableware too.

If you are struggling to pick just one set, or ultimately can’t decide between style and practicality, you could consider adding two to your register; let one wedding gift consist of an everyday and durable dinning set and let another be a more extravagant one to be used on for special occasions.


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