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Combining Stoneware Designs

Stoneware is a type of pottery that is impermeable and partly vitrified. It is also opaque and has a fine quality to it that looks great but is also strong and durable enough to reassure buyers who may be using it on an everyday basis. This material can stand up well to very regular use and will retain its looks over the long term if treated well. One of the best examples of it is by the renowned dinnerware manufacturer, Denby.

Their Heritage range is all made from the same material which lends it all a natural and organic look, adding subtle textures and colorization to the dinnerware. The Heritage Veranda Dinner Plate is a great example of this, making use of subtle beiges of various tones to create a hugely versatile set that will be at home in either a traditional or modern setting.

As one would expect with this manufacturer, their ranges have a great deal of diversity coming in everything from pasta bowls to sugar containers. The Heritage is an umbrella name for several variations of design which exist beneath including the Veranda and Orchard. Each design has a hint of its sister, focusing on a primary color. What this means however is that the Veranda and Orchard designs can work together, adding yet more variety and possibilities to what is already a very diverse collection. The Orchard focuses on coppery greens while still making use of the Veranda’s beige. Each look great in their own right and are a fantastic investment.

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