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3 Reasons Lamy Fountain Pens Make Great Gifts

These days it can seem as though there is a fast paced movement away from traditional ways of doing things, many people prefer eBooks to “real” books for example. However, there is definitely still a place for classic ways of doing things, including writing. With this in mind you might consider Lamy fountain pens, which make great gifts, here are three reasons why

One obvious thing about Lamy fountain pens UK is that they look great. Some pens are primarily functional, however fountain pens are consciously stylish and functional, and both these things certainly  aren’t mutually exclusive. A good fountain pen is just as much like a piece of jeweler as a writing implement and you can further enhance the aesthetic impact of a fountain pen by replacing its nib.
Just because fountain pens are very elegant and stylish it doesn’t mean they lack performance, quite the opposite. Actually, many consider then to be more functional than alternatives. With a fountain pen it’s easier to write with fluidity and style, especially over relatively short periods, and they are the pen of choice who love to write in the practical sense of the word.
There is a growing trend for items like fountain pens which hark back to classic style and elegance. They are perfectly equipped for modern life, and add that touch of style to the practical business of writing, great if you’re a professional who wants to make a great impression. Because of this upturn in popularity fountain pens are easily available online.

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