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Challenging Times For Underwear Manufacturers

The recession has affected manufacturers of all kinds of goods. Most have suffered falling or stagnant sales for around five years. However, a few sectors found demand for their products actually growing because of the recession. One of these sectors was lingerie manufacturers. In 2009, sales of racy underwear were up by amazing percentages. For example, sales of Basques went up by 45%. Exactly, why this happened was not clear, but many speculated that it was because cash strapped British couples were spending more nights in.

Sadly, the boom was short lived and sales dropped back again after about a year and more or less stagnated until now. As a result, some UK underwear manufacturers simply could not remain profitable and went out of business.

The Key to Success in the Underwear Trade is Diversification

However, not all UK underwear manufacturers suffered this fate. Those firms that changed their product range managed to remain profitable. An example of a company that makes a wide range of underwear is Wholesale Underwear. They are a wholesale underwear producer that has been in business for over 50 years. The breadth and depth of their range has protected them from the worst effects of this and other earlier recessions.

Fortunately, in 2013, there are once again signs of growth in underwear sales. Interestingly, once again it is lingerie sales that are increasing. A study by Digital Strategy Consulting showed that in the lead up to Valentine’s Day 2013 lingerie sales were up by 27%

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