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Extending the Life of Your Digital Camera Batteries

Digital photography has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. It’s now possible to have a high powered camera in your Smartphone, for example. If there is an Achilles heel with this technology its probably battery life and portable devices are still subject to the duration of their digital camera batteries.

Thankfully, there are various ways that you can extend the life of your camera batteries, squeezing out a little more power which could be oh so useful if you’re away from a mains supply:

Many cameras have an LCD screen. This is essentially a digital viewfinder. It’s great, but the problem is it drains a lot of power. Therefore, if your power is running low consider switching this off.

Your camera will probably have a power saver function. This will put the camera in a kind of sleep mode when it’s not in use. You should be able to adjust the time it takes for your camera to enter sleep mode; you should have this on the lowest setting.

The way that you take pictures will make a difference too. For example, every time you use a zoom this will drain a little extra power. Also, something like continuous focus can be very power hungry.

Even something like deleting photographs could eat power. Therefore, wait until you get home to delete snaps and share your favourite photographs.

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