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Tips and Advices to Get a Tan that You Have Always Wanted

Fake tanning can be done at home or at a salon. But this is not a simple process. There is a lot of precautions and tips that must be taken to have the effect that is desired. The tanning process is complex because once the process goes wrong or any wrong step is taken then it will fail to give the desired result and also the skin would be affected. There are many procedures but according to the skin type it must be selected. Both after and before tanning there are some steps which must be followed. Hence the following tips are essential for the tanning process:

·         The tanning process works on the concept of the Ultraviolet light which acts as a catalyst and enhances the growth of melanin in the skin. It is to be noted that the outer layer of the skin also known as epidermis determine how much melanin will be produced by the body. Hence exposure to the ultraviolet rays will darken melanin which is also the process of protection from the UV overdose.

·          Problems crop up when the skin is overexposed to the UV light. To eliminate the process of overexposure the tanning should be done slowly and gradually with the help of professionals in the industry.

·         The tanning plan should be chosen which will suit the skin to the utmost.

·         The skin should be exfoliated before the process of tanning so as to eliminate any dead or rough skin.

·         The right shade must be selected and if one is fair and want to go dark then a couple of light to medium shades must be applied and checked. Selecting  a dark shade initially will look fake.

·         To keep the tan durable, the most effective mechanism is to stay hydrated. It means drinking loads and loads of water and application of moisture.

·         The brand must be selected after proper scrutiny and also depending on the skin type.

Rules to be followed before and after spray

There are certain rules which need to be followed before and after the spray Sienna-X. This will help to get the desired tanning and will also last for a long time as due measures are taken.

Before the spray tan

·         Exfoliation should be made at least 24 hours before the spray tan and special emphasis should be given to elbows, hands, knees etc.

·         Waxing or shaving should be avoided at least 24 hours before the spray tan.

·         The body should be provided moisture before the tanning process.

·         Direct shower must be avoided before the spray tan.

·         Make up or jewellery must be avoided.

·         Loose clothes must be preferred

After the spray tan

·         After the tan excess exercise or sweat must be avoided as it can hamper the effect

·         It is not advisable to get in contact with leather until the shower is taken

·         Exfoliation must be done but only on areas which are rough such as knees, heels, elbows etc.


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