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The Non-Invasive Face of Cosmetic Dentistry in Manchester

People are increasingly aware of the need for good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups, but they may still be dissatisfied by what they see in the mirror, especially since practically every media image portrays people with perfect teeth. Through cosmetic dentistry, Manchester residents can achieve a perfect smile of their own.

It is wrong to think of cosmetic dentistry in purely aesthetic terms. Some procedures, such as crowns and bridges, play a valuable role in improving the patient’s physical and psychological health, correcting bite problems and making it possible to eat, smile and talk with confidence. Such procedures generally take place over a series of appointments and involve invasive techniques and injections. However, a good dentist will always make things as comfortable as possible for the patient and may even suggest a sedative for nervous clients.

One cosmetic procedure that is definitely non-invasive is teeth whitening, a gentle, affordable technique that is ideal for patients whose teeth have become discolored. This can happen through a variety of reasons, such as smoking, or drinking tea and red wine. Age can also play a part, as can certain medications such as tetracycline antibiotics. Far safer and more effective than home toothwhitening kits, the method typically uses dental grade hydrogen peroxide and special whitening trays.

There is a small element of risk as in higher concentrations, peroxide can cause tooth sensitivity and other dental problems, so some cosmetic dentists in Manchester prefer to use milder bleach over a longer period of time.

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