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Motorcyclists in France and High-Vis Motorbike Clothing

From next year, bikers in France will have to wear high visibility motorbike clothing at all times. And the rule is likely to affect foreigners, so bear this in mind if you plan to cross the channel with your bike from January 01 2013.
Despite protests, the French government is pressing ahead with its proposals, which mean that those riding machines of over 125cc will need to wear an item of reflective motorcycle clothing, under the terms of the French Highway Code. 
This reflective area must cover a minimum of 150 square centimeters, and must be on the rider’s upper body. And the rule will affect both pillion passengers and riders. Those who don’t comply with the regulations will face a fine of up to nearly €70.
The move has been controversial, with some claiming that motorists who can’t identify a normally dressed rider and bike in good visibility should not be on the road anyway.
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