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Austin Reed Leather Jackets

The leather jacket has been worn in various guises for more than 100 years. While it initially won favor with pilots and aviators, as well as the Russian Bolsheviks, the second half of the 20th century saw the jacket be accepted into mainstream culture. Bikers wore them for the protection they offered as well as their unique look while various Hollywood actors sported the leather bomber jacket and helped propel it further into cultural popularity.

The modern leather jacket comes in a variety of styles that represent the different histories that the jacket has enjoyed. As well as bomber jackets or aviator jackets that typically include a fleece or wool collar, it is also possible to find biker jackets that include various zips and fastenings to further embellish the great look of the leather itself.

Austin Reed leather jackets also include lines like the funnel parka that combine two great looking and very popular forms of jacket into one single, warm, and convenient jacket. High quality materials and manufacturing processes, competitive prices, and a secure online shopping environment help ensure that you can find the type of jacket you require without having to pay over the odds to enjoy it

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