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The Extra Dazzle and Sparkle of Pave Engagement Rings

There is no better way for a proposing gent to show how much he loves and values his loved one than by giving her a dazzling and sparkling diamond ring. Pave set engagement rings are perfect in this respect as they can deliver dazzle and sparkle in a way that no other setting can.
The sparkling band Pave set rings have bands which are encrusted with very small diamonds. This creates an extra-dazzling appearance which delivers plenty of sparkle and light flashes from the ring’s surface.  A Pave setting can cover the whole length of a band or half of the band.  Although the full-length option looks more impressive, the half-length variant is slightly more comfortable to wear.

The dazzling central diamond Most pave set diamond engagement rings feature a round brilliant cut diamond as the focal stone.  Although the round cut is the most popular diamond shape around; it is not the only option. Indeed, other fancy diamond shapes can be used to equally impressive effect. The prong setting is the most common option to set the center diamond in, especially as Pave rings don’t need any fancy settings to look absolutely stunning. With an unrivaled diamond ring selection and ever-helpful customer support, Mar lows can provide any bridegroom-to-be with all of the dazzle and sparkle he needs!

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