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Great Places To Sell Your Crafts Online

Many people chose to get crafty for their own benefit, creating lovely pieces of art, useful items and decorative items for relaxation or as a creative outlet. However, many people opt to create craft items for the same reasons, but also to make a bit of money as well. Thanks to online retail, the craft market is growing quickly. Plus, consumers are bored of the everyday items available on the high street and are actively seeking unique, quirky and handmade gifts from crafty people just like you.

There are lots of craft platforms online where you can sell your wares, probably more than you were aware of. But that’s exactly why we’ve made this article, so you have loads of different places to choose from when it comes to getting some exposure and cash for your gorgeous goods.

It is a great idea to start selling your goods at craft fairs and markets, just so you can get feedback and to get the confidence-building compliments you deserve. But once you’ve done a few of those and you want to expand, online selling is a really great direction to take.

Here are some  great places to sell your crafts online:


It feels like Etsy has been around for years, but it’s actually only been around since 2005, officially making handmade items superbly cool. It is most definitely a global marketplace, with millions of buyers, so should be considered an option. You will need to take some stunning pictures to stand out though as there is a lot of competition. Like Ebay, there are fees, but, you can generally charge more here as visitors tend to look for quality ahead of cheap prices. The fact the website is so well known and promoted everywhere means you’re guaranteed to be seen if you ensure your marketing is good.

Wow, Thank You

This site is for craftspeople in the UK only, and the items sold must be designed and made by you. There’s a process to go through to get on the site (including an application form), but once you’re in, you feel like you’re part of something amazing and buyers know you have been verified which adds value to your product.


Folksy is completely craft based and only sells vintage or used products to be sold if they have been adjusted in some way IE upcycled. The site does charge for listings and sales, but, like Wow Thank You, once you join you do feel like part of a community. Also, again like Etsy – you will need exceptional photos to stand out from the crowd.

Not Mass Produced

This is much more of an exclusive craft selling site, so only ambitious crafters should apply. All sellers are UK based and sellers are handpicked, with no product details listed on listings, and no commision taken by the site. A new website is currently under development but they can be found on Etsy.


Only established for 4 years, this brand new marketplace is incredibly social, so is ideal for crafters who are not only looking to sell, but to chat to other crafters. Crafts, vintage items and collectables are sold on the site and it is currently free to use, so worth using.

Not On The High Street

A widely advertised website which sells all kinds of unusual products which are all new, and usually completely different from what you find on the high street (hence the name). Products sold on here need to be extremely high quality and the site does charge a yearly membership free.


Making crafts for yourself or giving them to friends and family is completely different to selling them for money to people you don’t know. Make sure you are creating and selling high quality products made from high quality art and craft supplies and before you sell them, ask for feedback from those you trust to see how you could improve them and make them more polished. It is also worth advertising yourself on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so people know where they can buy your items (also a great opportunity for practising your photography!).

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