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Office Attire – How To Look Great At Work Without Overspending

It’s one thing to spend a small fortune on a wardrobe full of clothes you absolutely love – it is something else entirely to be forced into overspending by your job. Of course, if you’re a highflying executive for whom cash is no concern, this probably isn’t the biggest problem in the world. For everyone else, that being almost everyone in the real world, overspending on office attire treads that fine line between painful and impossible.

Unfortunately, there are so many brands and businesses out there that are all-too familiar with what’s demanded of the average working professional these days. As such, they have no qualms whatsoever in charging top-dollar for even the simplest bits and pieces, which in turn can make building and maintaining an office wardrobe rather on the expensive side.

The good news however is that there are various ways and means by which building a superb office clothing collection can be made superbly affordable.  According to the experts at, it is simply a case of being as savvy and proactive as possible in the purchase process, rather than blindly going out and investing in a ton of things you probably don’t need.

Here’s an overview of just a few tips on looking great at work, without overspending:

1 – Ditch the Brands

Let’s dive into a little secret right off the bat – the cotton that goes into that £150 designer blouse is absolutely no different that the cotton used to make that £15 alternative. Not only this, but when the darn thing is 90% covered up by a blazer anyway, it technically doesn’t make any difference if you only spent £1.50 on what’s hiding underneath. When it comes to the vast majority of bits and pieces you need for the office, there is absolutely nothing to gain by going over the top with expensive designer brand. Sure, you might impress a few people, but you’ll also spend infinitely more than you had to.

2 – Think Cohesion

One of the most beneficial ways of going about the office attire shopping process is to never, under any circumstances buy anything without carefully assessing what it will and will not go with. The idea is to eventually build a wardrobe wherein literally everything you own goes just perfectly with everything else. If you have say 20 garments with which you could technically build 100 totally cohesive looks, you’ve hit the nail on the head and are sorted long-term.

3 – Don’t Forget the Sales

Never forget that business clothing and office attire in general isn’t immune to the kinds of massive discounts slapped on standard clothing at certain times of the year. So many shoppers completely overlook the fact that this is the case, diving headfirst into full-price purchases having not factored in the January sales just around the corner. The discounts applied to everything from smart boots to the most glamorous of suits at certain times of the year are quite extraordinary to say the least.

4 – Quality Pieces

When it comes to things like the blazer you’ll be wearing all-day and every day, it makes so much more sense to invest in quality pieces in the first place. The same also goes for any shoes, jackets or outer-suit pieces in general – there is simply no sense in buying the kinds of throwaway items you’ll only end up replacing on a regular basis. It’s not necessary to pay over the odds for everything in your work wardrobe, but in terms of the pieces you’ll be wearing and showcasing all the time, it pays to buy quality pieces.

5 – Shop Online

A no-brainer if ever there was one, you’re absolutely guaranteed to save a packet on office attire expenses if you do the majority of your shopping online. Web retailers always have been and always will be able to offer the kinds of special deals and discounts the likes of which conventional High Street retailers simply cannot match, so it simply makes sense to make full use of them.

6 – Take Care Of Yourself

Last but not least, it might sound like a relatively silly strategy to adopt but it is nonetheless something that can save you a fortune. If for example your office jobwhich involves eight hours on your backside every day begins to take its toll on your waistline, you’re going to have little to no choice but to overhaul your wardrobe. If on the other hand you make all necessary efforts to look after yourself and retain the shape you have, the clothing you have right now will remain useful for much longer – it really is as simple as that.

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