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Trends In Handcrafted Jewellery That You Should Embrace

The very first thing, which comes to mind when we hear someone say handmade jewellery is that the piece will be very attractive and distinct. If you want to be the talk of the party or the gathering, all you need to do is wear handcrafted jewellery, which is in trend. There are very fewer chances that somebody else in the party too will be wearing a jewellery piece like yours. With so many artisans and such a lot of individual ideas and creativity, the variety of handmade jewellery is large. One can easily differentiate between handmade jewellery and the commercial one. With each passing day, both the number of artisans as well as the demand for handcrafted jewellery is increasing.

Top trends –

  1. The Fabulous Filigree:This work is particularly very common among handcrafted jewellery, usually among earrings, large pendant necklaces and also ring mounts. The work is created using greater metals, such as silver, platinum and gold, and its intricate design transforms this jewellery into beautiful heirloom pieces. Experienced artisans roll out the metal into various wires called filaments, and further utilises these filaments to design openwork delicate designs. The fabulous filigree work in handmade jewellery exhibit fantastic designs and shapes. Opt for this beautiful variety of jewellery when you dress-up for a corporate meeting, party, festivities or a date.
  2. Lovely, large and beautiful:This recent trend is gaining immense popularity in handcrafted jewellery.  Large and bold pieces are much like those chunky jewellery pieces. This trend incorporates beaded jewellery where several beads are stacked and are very colourful. Also the gemstone jewellery is bold and beautiful, specifically if it makes use of a group of coloured gemstones in large sizes. The many other varieties of handcrafted jewellery that can easily make a very attractive style statement are the dome-shaped rings, thick leather cuffs and gemstones bracelets. Layered strand necklaces also are quite common. Big and beautiful handcrafted fashion jewellery is particularly great for women who are fond of bold patterns or women who strive to stand out as distinct from the crowd.
  3. Layered jewellery – Coming to the beautiful beaded jewellery, the first thing that comes to mind is layered variety of jewellery, which is taking the market by storm with each passing day. Necklaces having multiple strands are getting very popular in layered jewellery. One more common type is the small wrap rings and stunning stacked bracelets having their own distinct type of layering. Beautiful layered jewellery pieces offer one a rich look and keep you away from stealing all the attention. But do not get decked up in much of layered jewellery together at once, otherwise it will cause a distraction. Always wear one piece at a time.
  4. Sizzling Sterling silver jewellery – You all must have heard of sterling silver. It is a recent metal trend that comes at affordable prices and is being widely used in handcrafted jewellery. The sterling silver metal is durable and jewellery pieces made with sterling silver will surely last a lifetime. Sterling silver is versatile and complements any outfit. This attractive metal is widely being used by artisans creating handmade jewellery. Pieces of earrings, rings and pendants in this metal are popular among jewellery lovers.

So, embrace these trends to welcome a lot of compliments.

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