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Is It Possible To Find Affordable Ladies Chic French Prints?

Whilst browsing online recently I came across an exciting new brand. I am a sucker for unusual and abstract prints and the designer Derhy ticks all the boxes. This French brand mixes feminine and artistic prints to create chic French clothing at affordable prices. I sourced a UK seller online called La Vida Boutique. They provide both a boutique fashion shop in Horsham and online ordering available too. Perfect if you want to order Derhy products with no hassle at all. We asked La Vida Boutique to pick some of their favourites from the Derhy collection.

Who are Derhy?

Derhy is a unique brand which mixes style with hippy and romantic ideals. It is aimed at women who are both sensitive and full of happiness. Derhy’s key aims is to discover new frontiers in styles, fabrics, and colours. Derhy is also an eco-friendly brand and keenly reduces their environmental footprint by optimizing the kind of fabrics used and the chemical products not only used in the actual garments but also in their manufacturing processes. It is a French brand and you can see that their chic prints are very much influenced by the country.

Our Top Picks From The Derhy Range

Keep cozy this winter in this beautiful Derhy coat. It features an abstract nature print which reminds us of rivers and forests. This padded coat has a detachable fluffy hood so it is wearable in every season.  Team with some deep navy blue skinny jeans to really make the design of this Derhy coat pop.

For a slightly more winter coat then this unique knee-length design could be the one for you. The unusual and striking designmixes materials which really makes it stand out from the crowd. The top part features a puffastyle floral design whereas the bottom is a more masculine tweed. As you move down the jacket intricate lace brings the two distinct materials together.

This tee top is the perfect combination of both formal and casual. The monochrome background of this top really makes the floral pattern pop. The mixture of light and dark means that it is suitable for any season.

This animal skirt is totally unique and eye catching. It features the very best of nature and is the perfect addition to brighten up any outfit. The knee length style is very practical and flattering. Team with thick tights in the winter to make it suitable for any season. The style of this skirt means it will be perfect with flat shoes or heels.

For more exclusive French designs from the Derhy brand then do not hesitate to visit La Vida Boutique, online or in person, to see the range of styles we have available. You could also check out their Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest arrivals and trends too.

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