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Mismatched Tableware in the Home

When it comes to table sets, the accepted ideal is to have everything matching, or at least each piece complementing every other. However, there is no reason why this always has to be the case and, as long as it is tastefully done, a mismatched assortment of tableware can actually look very chic and stylish.

Intentionally mismatched items can actually look more coordinated than those which should be the same but are slightly different in style, pattern or age because they have been added to a collection at different times. The shabby chic feel of mismatching items can also help create a much more casual atmosphere, which is what you may well want in a home for everyday dining and casual entertaining.

The trick to mixing and matching is understanding the right level of contrast and not going too far in an effort to be that little bit more eccentric. If you want to experiment with mismatching but are not ready to dive right in, one option is to pick items from the same collection but in different colours. Those such as Denby Dine come in four vivid colours – black, turquoise, cherry and regal blue – so you could consider purchasing a few pieces in each colour to add brightness and variety to the table. Then, once you feel more confident, you could add to your collection with some quirky accessories such as salt and pepper shakers, gravy boats and tea sets, each in a different design. How much you want to mix things up really is up to you and depends on what you think will work for your home, personality and lifestyle.

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