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Bubblegum Helps You Modeling Career Keeping Up The Ladder

The modeling industry these days has to make sure models can not only sizzle on the runway but also look cool in commercials. This need has risen from the want of casting directors willing to use beautiful models, to showcase their brands. Brands like Jockey, Pepe jeans and other clothing lines make their products look attractive when they put it on perfect bodies with great faces. The trend has been on for some time now but it never tends to become boring or old. This is because they always get sexier models to do the adverts. Just smiling in front of the camera at the end of the runway is not enough anymore. Models are also approached by big Hollywood banners.

Remember Rosie Huntington in transformers, well she is a Victoria Secrets model. Looking glam in a still picture is easy as compared to keeping the eyes on you in a video. It is an easily understandable fact that girls wanting to be models need to be heavily equipped with various talents or else they’re going to stay in the background forever. Models now have an easy solution to learn all this under one roof. That would be Bubblegum casting. What does Bubblegum casting do? It is a unique casting agency which trains models according to the demands of casting agents and directors.

What does Bubblegum casting do to shape perfect career curves?
People at the outfit believe it is best if the models aren’t burdened with a cost to learn to be the best. That right there is one of the most unique things about this experienced agency. They only take in girls who are within 18 and 22 years old. The demand for younger models is higher, while younger models are more eager to learn. The company possesses a team of experts who train would be models and bring out the best in them. Some of the ideas touched upon here at Bubblegum are:

• How to stay fit?
• How to react to media attention?
• How to tackle tricky clients?

How Bubblegum gets jobs for the models?
After the most informative crash course of their lives the girls take their first step towards becoming stalwarts. The photo shoot is a carefully chalked out stage at the agency. It is, very attentively looked into, so much so that every model gets a different photographer to work with and that both of them are close to each other’s age. Once they are teamed up, it is up to the models to show off what they’ve learnt so far. The photographers are professional experts, no experimentation there.

Once the shoots are complete all the models have to do is waiting, till their first job offer comes to them. Yes, they do not have to go running all over town to get a job. With the Bubblegum stamp of perfection on them they get jobs with a pay out of a minimum of $1,500.

The jobs for these models are handpicked by the agency, so the former doesn’t get any difficulty in carrying out the work, if it’s her first assignment. Indeed, if things don’t go well in the first break then the model do feel a setback and her self-confidence may come down a lot. The agency understands this and they even have counselors to help keep the confidence level of their models up and excellent at all times.

It is a win-win scenario for everyone, so models should go to Bubblegum casting for that much needed makeover, which is far better than going to any other modeling agency.

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