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Wedding Gifts or Wedding Money?

Deciding whether or not you wish to create a bridal registry or simply ask your guests to donate money to help you start your life as a married couple can often be a hard choice to make. After all, finding numerous wedding gifts that you genuinely do want can be hard work and may well leave you with things you have simply asked for just for the sake of it. However, asking for money will feel somewhat impersonal and may lead guests to feel you are not really entering into the spirit of things.

So which is the best option for couples getting married today? Asking for money is never easy. Doing so can make it look like you are more interested in a person’s cash than them being at your wedding, and may also make it seem like you are just simply looking for them to help you pay your bills. If you really, want money, the best option is not to ask for anything. In turn, many people will simply choose to offer money if you have already expressed that you have no need for gifts.

However, by creating a bridal registry you may actually be surprised at just how many options you have. Not only will the gift of beautiful tableware offer you items that are far more important to you than your current array of pottery and plates, but by getting new and indulgent items, you may also simply be able to get an extra cash injection by selling off the older items that your new gifts replace.

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