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Toys!Toys!Just for Kids

Toys!when this word comes to mind we think of our kids and our pets because toys are objects with which kids play and enjoy themselves.Playing with toys is training the young for their social role.Toys and playing help the children to grow up and to learn about the world around them.All children are natural learners; constantly absorbing new experiences in their everyday lives. Therefore the toys they play with, play an integral part in this learning process.Their needs will change with their age and with their differing abilities and interests.

Babies and infants need soft colorful objects to see and touch, toys that are sensory in nature to stimulate their sight, touch and hearing.The children play with toys according to their age.Children are very creative and imagination goes with the thinking of each child in very different manner.

By encouraging children to make friends and share, they will become confident, independent and thoughtful of others.But as children grow older group games still play an important part in a child’s recreational time, but take on the form of sports, ball games, board and card games.

Toys play a very important role in children’s lives ,learning process and a variety of well chosen toys help towards each child’s individual development. As children grow and develop, their needs will change with their age and with their differing abilities and interests.So parents move ahead and buy toys as per your child’s need and see them developing themselves faster.




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