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All That You Wanted To Know About Hippy Clothing

Ever since the popularization of Hippy/ Hippie culture in the 1960s because of the youth/ adults who wanted to maneuver into a different path in life that was nonviolent, they usually exhibited through their unique and rebel-looking dressing sense to what they felt “liberated” them. In this quest for a unique Hippy lifestyle, they started and then gradually spread it to the different parts of the world by not only with clothes but also music, and the simplest food habits, to name a few that took on the minds of people of all ages alike. The very hippy aesthetic propagated and snowballed into a movement that strove to make the planet a better, more deserving, love-based, and healthy place in order to heal the planet.

In this quest, the very basis of it all turned out to be Hippy Clothes which were not limited to brightly toned vests, non- western tie-dyed clothes, long skirts, braless tops, the coolest looking headscarves to cover their heavily braided hairs. This created an impact on the surroundings they moved into and also attracted others into their communes, gatherings, et al.

Some of the most commonly used Hippy clothes used by an unconventionally dressed young person are:

  1. Bell bottom/ Palazzo pants
  2. Harem/ Afghani pants
  3. Bright vests
  4. Ponchos
  5. Jackets
  6. Bandanas
  7. Colourful Scarves
  8. Fleeces
  9. Granny dresses
  10. Short skirts with knee-length boots.

All this was done to promote the following:

  1. Try to be original self
  2. Believing in any religion on the planet
  3. Being as non-violent as possible
  4. Being very open-minded and welcoming to all fellow humans
  5. Wearing most amazing colorful clothing
  6. Letting the hair grow naturally and not to cut them.

Also, since being a hippy revolves more around being as natural and healthy as possible, it is usually very abundantly seen in their everyday lifestyle consisting of sober food habits, which is vegetarian or vegan; trendy clothes which aptly branded them as flower kids or free spirits. One more noteworthy characteristic of hippies was that they usually do not wear their makeup and instead, opt to stay as naturally inclined as possible.

Since the hippy movement took a big leap, there also came a wave of boutiques and other shops that started selling most unconventional clothing in the 1960s. Another key point to conventional hippy look is in their accessories and jewellery, including the multiple bracelets made of beads and other stuff, which were commonly adorned by men and women.

There are also several options online to buy your favourite pieces of hippy dresses as well as accessories in a large number of colours, sizes; for both men and women; that are very casual looking and comfortable and would allow you to look like an uber cool hippy too. The best thing also lies in the fact that the bright, colourful, and highly expressive pieces are all natural which make them to be bought and used right away!

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