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How To Go About With Diamond Exchange In Houston?

Diamond marks the most momentous occasion of your life. But if you are bored wearing the same diamond and want to exchange the jewelry with a big one or with some other piece of jewelry, it is possible.

Why should you go for Diamond Exchange in Houston?

A Diamond exchange allows you to upgrade to a higher quality diamond. If you are looking to buy a higher cut or better quality, you can upgrade the jewelry without compromising on carat or color. You will be required to pay additional money to get a more expensive stone,but such deals will give you better value for your old diamond than selling them for cash.

If you don’t like anything particular in the diamond, you can ask the store to exchange the stone with another one with different characteristics. If the stone has too much of yellow tint and you want to buy a colorless one or have loose diamonds, it is possible to exchange. If you are not ready to pay more money, you can exchange the old diamond with a new one that has a better color grade,but the stone will remain smaller.

How to Exchange Diamonds in Houston?

Keep few things in mind while exchanging diamonds with a new one.

  • Read the exchange policy carefully – Before you exchange any piece of jewelry, you should read the terms and policy that came with the jewelry when you purchased it. There might be an option to exchange the stone to another within a certain period after the sale. Once the time gets expired, you may not be able to exchange the diamond for free,and you may be able to do so at a less rate.
  • Be ready to pay more – Most jewelry stores will allow you to exchange the diamond,but you should ready to pay extra amount. When you are upgrading your diamond to a bigger size, the carat weight will increase. When you are trading a .75 carat diamond for a .89 carat diamond, there is a big difference in the weight. You should be prepared ahead to pay more money to buy the new diamond jewelry.

Choosing the Right Store to Exchange your Diamond!

If you are not planning to exchange the diamond from the same store you have purchased it from, then you should decide where to trade the stone from. You may select small independent jewelers to exchange the diamond because they remain flexible and can provide you discounts when exchanging your old jewelry with a new one. The big store will have more rigid terms and policies.

Find whether your Diamond is Appraised or Not!

Make sure you find out how much your diamond worth and get appraised by a professional. Understand exactly the appraised value and keeping this in mind you should negotiate the exchange deal for the new one.

Give attention to the discounts and other deals when you are trading diamonds so that it will help you to determine how good a deal you are getting.

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