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Celebrity hair transplants – more than just hype

It’s tough for any guy to face up to baldness. It dredges up a whole swirl of negative emotions and feelings. Some might see it as a sign of ageing. Others will worry about their appearance and wonder what the opposite sex will think. It’s never good when those first signs of thinning start to appear and it’s a sensitive subject to broach. Men aren’t supposed to care that much about their appearance are they?

Times have changed. Guys like to look good and so do the girls who want to date them. Grooming and appearance are important, so what’s a balding man to do? Celebrity hair transplants have made the news recently. Footballers, actors, cricketers and singers. They’ve all had them done and if celebrities are spending serious money on having this work done then there must be something to it.

Curing baldness seems to be all wishful thinking and snake oil. Men who find their hair thinning want to do something about it, but they’re right to be suspicious about so called miracle cures. There are pills and creams on the market that can have a limited effect in certain cases. A hair transplant is different. This is a proven way to beat the effects of thinning hair.

A skilled surgeon can take hair from the side or back of the head and replant it where the problem patch has developed. The effects are truly remarkable. No potions and false promises, just the end result that balding men dream about: a full head of hair.

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