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Common Uses of Turtleskin Materials

One could very easily argue that we live in a world of increased danger. One of the reasons why we might say this is that the effectiveness of weaponry is evolving; thankfully, simultaneous to this is the improved effectiveness of protective materials and subsequently protective clothing UK.

One of the latest enhancements in protective gear is the development of a material called Turtleskin. We could go into a lot of detail about what Turtleskin is and how it is made, however essentially it is the world’s tightest weave of fabric. This means that it is remarkably protective and suitable to be used for a huge range of applications:

It is often case that the hands that are exposed to threats from punctures or cuts. When working in certain industries the threat from small particles of glass, for example, can be extreme. Turtleskin can be very effectively used in the manufacture of gloves, which are extremely protective against punctures, cuts and all sorts of sharp threats.

Working with water jets might not at first glance seem to have an inherent risk attached. However, water at extremely high pressures can be very dangerous, constituting the sheer power of a ballistic threat.  With its extremely tight weave Turteskin can protect against high pressure water jets, assuring the safety of water jet operatives.

Many industries have obvious inherent risk. For example, the security operative might have an increased risk of being stabbed. Turtleskin stab vests can be extremely protective here, delivering that important extra layer of security and protection.

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