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Firework Safety Tips

Everybody loves a bright, colorful and noisy fireworks display, especially when you buy fireworks to celebrate a happy occasion or to mark a special day of the year such as New Year’s Eve. But fireworks are of course pyrotechnics and as such should be handled with care.

Remember The Basics

Only buy fireworks from a reputable vendor and don’t opt for any brands you don’t recognize. Cheaper or shoddily made fireworks can malfunction and cause serious injury to spectators at a display.Stand a safe distance from the fireworks. This is normally easy enough in a big public display, but if you’re letting them off in your back garden then you’ll need to make sure everyone is standing far back.Never go back to a firework that has failed to ignite. The firework may be still smoldering and could go off when you least expect it.

Think of the Children

If children are handling sparklers, make sure they hold them far enough away from their body and are wearing gloves when they do so. Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby to make them go out and in case of emergencies with other fireworks. And always keep a first aid kit on hand in case any accidents do happen.

Next time you buy fireworks, follow these simple tips and you’re guaranteed to have a great time while staying safe!


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