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Too Busy To Make New Friends?

Mixing business and pleasure is a Hollywood staple, but here in the U.K scores of dynamic folks are making the most of their socializing to find friends and contacts that tick both boxes – the business contact and the gym buddy!

The UK’s cities hold the lion’s share of the population. According to figures published in the Guardian in 2009, by 2030 92.2% of the Brit population will live in cities or within close suburban limits. That’s a lot of folks to add to the social group!

Use Social Connect Websites

There are plenty of reliable websites out there to help users make new friends and contacts to add to their existing social groups. Rather than using social media like Facebook (which almost encourages keeping new contacts at arm’s length) websites set up specifically to connect socializing city dwellers in the real world are fast becoming a popular and proven way for Brits to meet like-minded people.

Swear-Off Social Media for Word of Mouth

Social media has been vilified for its ability to keep users apart, e.g. it’s easy to be mates with someone without ever meeting them. Humans are sociable, interactive creatures at heart, so swearing-off the keyboard for anything other than making plans to meet new folks in the real world is a superb way to make connections that may otherwise have been missed, e.g. bumping into a friend of a friend who turns out to be a lovely addition to the social group and a great business resource.



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