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Reasons Even Casual Cyclers Must Consider Cycling Gear

Since its invention, people have argued for and against the use of cycling jerseys. While proven to help professional cyclers perform more effectively during competition, many casual cyclers wonder what the garment might do for them. Unless you have only a few short minutes to commute every day, you stand to gain a great deal from using this gear.

Such arguments and confusion over wardrobe are hardly new. Whether to wear a certain type of shirt, dress, pants, or shoes has always been open to arguments for those looking for fashionable attire. No matter your opinion, the sheer facts of the debate may simply cause you to lean toward buying your first jersey. After all, these shirts out-class normal t-shirts in every single way, from appearance to performance.


Traditional t-shirts created with cotton do little to save you from your own body when cycling. As you work to move yourself along, the constant movement and stress on the body combine and trigger your sweat glands to keep you cool. However, cotton materials soak in this sweat and keep it held against your skin as you ride. Synthetic materials, such as polyester, also do little to help, and they often leave you even more uncomfortable due to the fact they do not breathe well.

On the other hand, a cycling jersey should contain specially designed, moisture-wicking technical fabric to keep sweat away from your body and help safely evaporate it into the air. Though these jerseys also contain polyester, the fibres are designed in such a way that its inability to breathe is utilised for greater performance. In short, any sweat released while cycling should quickly leave your body and evaporate off your jersey, leaving you significantly drier and more comfortable over time.


Even casual cyclers like to keep their phones, wallets, keys, and other personal belongings close at hand. However, the pockets of traditional jeans were not designed to handle such items while in motion, causing chafing and discomfort. In addition, traditional t-shirts may have a small pocket over one breast, which is completely unsuitable for anything larger than a pen or pocket watch. Jerseys come equipped with deep pockets across your back, where items are less likely to fall out and get lost. Such pockets ensure the safety and security of any items placed inside, something no other cycling garment can boast.

Typically, jerseys contain three rear pockets large enough to fit most items, such as large phones, headphones, wallets, and more. With many uphill, downhill, and bumpy rides to enjoy in the future, you need to know your items are safely protected. These pockets are even large enough to hold a full bottle of water, something that may be difficult to carry with you while riding.


Jerseys designed for cycling tend to be much longer in the back, keeping your body covered as you lean forward and ride. T-shirts have no such feature, often baring your back for the world to see with any errant gust of wind. The sweat-wicking feature of such jerseys also increases comfort while on the bike, making these shirts the only option to ensure you get the most out of your commute.

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