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London is a Global Fashion Centre

There is certainly no shortage of choice for fashion lovers when they are on the lookout for new and exciting products. These days, it’s simple and quick for consumers to get their hands on women’s clothing online. Meanwhile, many fashion photography is as around the world look to London when they want to know what’s hot and what’s not. According to British Fashion Council (BFC) chief executive Caroline Rush, the English capital is among the most exciting locations when it comes to clothing and accessories, the Scotsman reports.

She stated: “London is one of the most creative capitals in the world and also one of the most culturally diverse. These qualities, mixed with the inventiveness and individuality that’s so inherently British, gives London an undeniable edge that sets it apart from any other city.” The BFC recently released figures suggesting that the UK fashion industry is worth £21 billion a year to the economy and it helps to project an image of the nation as a global trend-setter. Ms Rush went on to emphasis the importance of London Fashion Week. She said the event is “vitally important”, adding: “It’s the UK’s essential showcasing platform of fashion talent that allows our British designers and the industry as a whole to be recognized by a global audience.” The Scotsman cited examples of when Britain led the way in men’s and women’s fashion clothing.

For example, there were the ‘swinging 60s’, the punk and new romantic movements of the 1970s and 1980s, the cool Britannia image of the 1990s and the ‘London look’, as best shown by Kate Moss.

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