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The Best Materials For Modern Garden Furniture

The right outdoor garden furniture can greatly improve the look of your patio and give you a great place to host parties or relax when the weather is beautiful outside. It is best to choose furniture that will last and work for you over the years. All it takes to choose the best material is doing a lot of research, asking questions and gaining knowledge to find out what works and the benefits of certain materials over others.

When choosing garden furniture, some of the things to keep in mind are;

  1. Durability
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Weather
  4. Functionality

Here are some modern materials available and here are their pros and cons;


Teak is one of the best wood options for outdoor furniture. It is renowned for its strength, and ability to handle most weather conditions and has beautiful finish. It also produces its own oil which makes it different in comparison to other woods which don’t. It is a type of hardwood making it very strong and can last up to 50 years. In comparison, soft wood like cedar or pine needs to be stored out of the elements during the winter. Teak furniture is quite heavy though it can also take in heavy loads too.

One of the factors to consider is that teak and any other wooden furniture needs to maintenance to keep it looking its best, so if you’re looking for something maintenance-free, wood might not be it.

Synthetic Resin

This is a stylish, lightweight material that is low maintenance and highly durable. It is one of the best garden materials that can handle extreme weather changes. There are different qualities of synthetic resin. Be sure to purchase the HDPE (high-density polyethylene) wick and not PVC wickers which are cheaper. High-grade polyethylene is more durable, lightweight and very easy to clean.

Cast Aluminium

Cast aluminium is a lightweight and durable metal, making it ideal for garden furniture. If you live in an area with strong winds, it might get blown away by being so light. One of the ways to keep your furniture grounded is to use a holding gel to keep your furniture in place permanently. Another option is to plant windbreakers in your garden to reduce the impact of the wind. Cast aluminium is one of the best outdoor materials for chairs became they are quite portable and easy to move around. Choose a reputable company to get the best-cast aluminium furniture that will last a long time.

Wrought Iron

This is one of the sturdiest materials for outdoor furniture if you are looking for hand-crafted designs and looking for unique pieces of furniture. Not to be confused with cast iron furniture with is created from mould. Wrought iron is a bit heavier and is very sturdy, can come in unique designs and can handle most weather conditions. You can choose a neutral base colour and choose different colours for your cushions to add some vibrance to your garden setting.


If you’re looking for a chic, modern and low-maintenance garden material, synthetic resin is one of the best options. If you like a touch of wood in your garden, teak is the best material for wooden garden furniture. For lightweight metal furniture, go with aluminium or wrought iron for unique pieces.

More information about modern furniture on FCI London website.

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