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Choosing The Designer Bag That’s Right For You

We all love our handbags! And, with their incredible longevity, and the fact that they tend to be crafted from higher quality materials and often just look better than the alternatives, it’s no wonder that designer handbags are more popular than ever. But, with so many options in today’s marketplace, many of them more affordable than you may have realized, from vintage to modern and styles on offer from clutches to shoulder bags, where do you start? Here are some of the considerations you may wish to take into account before you commit to a bag.

•Its look – Does it complement the style you tend to adopt for the rest of your wardrobe? Or do you, for example, want to be sure you won’t mess up the line of that gorgeous new dress? (If that’s the case a discreet but sleek-looking clutch bag could be your best bet.)

Your body type: Interestingly, this is often quite an overlooked aspect of bag choice. It means avoiding the temptation of the latest, most fashionable bag around if it doesn’t look right for your size and shape. Don’t go for a product that is just too big or too small for your body size.For example, if you are short, a bottle shaped bag could be ideal. Alternatively, taller women may prefer round or square-shaped handbags. The more curvaceous your shape, the more you will be flattered by a very structured bag. Whatever your shape, though, you’ll be able to find a model that’s perfect for you. Just don’t overwhelm or underwhelm your frame.

• Color: This another crucial criteria. You may choose to go for a simple, versatile shade that goes with just about anything, or you may decide to color co-ordinate with the rest of your wardrobe.

Budget: This is another factor that shouldn’t be overlooked in your choice. Happily, quality designer bags are  bottle shaped bag could be ideal. Alternatively, taller women may prefer round or square-shaped handbags

Durability: It’s worth checking for consistently sewn, strong seams which are dead straight, without any loose threads. Equally, check that zippers and buckles work by trying them several times. The zipper should not stick, and the buckles should work smoothly. If you’re struggling, keep shopping, these niggles may seem minor, but they won’t get any better.ow more affordable than ever, especially if you look online.

Will Uber : Trendy last? Sometimes the very latest looks can look great when you buy them – but what about next season, or the one after that? That’s especially true if you go for a color or style that is especially bold or extreme. But the good news is that classic and practical certainly don’t have to mean boring! Finally, while it may sound obvious, remember to get a bag that’s the right size for everything you’ll be carrying around in it – you won’t want to have to over-stuff it or lug around something that’s just too bulky with lots of unused space. Choose carefully though and you’ll soon find a handbag you’ll love forever.

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